Manhole Ventilator (Blower)

The Blower

is an essential component of all drain cleaning applications. Acting as an important safety device used prior to human activity in drain systems, the Ventilator purges confined spaces of hazardous gases and vapours by displacing these gases with normal air.

Driven by a powerful petrol engine, it is adequately equipped for high output ventilation. With a durable, all steel housing, the Ventilator is designed for uncomplicated operation and easy portability. It is ideal for fume extraction and is highly recommended for municipal, industrial and commercial use.

The powerful petrol motor supplies enough power to purge all hazardous gases in confined spaces.

It has a rugged design with three rubber wheels mounted on the base for good stability and easy mobility and with it being locally designed and manufactured, all accessories and replacement parts are easily available and affordable.

The average air flow rate of the Manhole Ventilator is 2m³/s.

View the Manhole Ventilator’s Spec Sheet here.