Square Bar Worm

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    Spring Steel - Tools

The Square Bar Worm

is designed to be used when the Single Worm is not heavy enough to pull out the blockage, specifically when there are rocks to be removed.

To Use:

Connect it to the end of the rod and insert it in the pipeline. Push until you feel the blockage. Rotate the rod, and once you feel the Square Bar grip the blockage, pull back the rods. This should clear the pipeline.

In the case of rocks in the pipe, the Square Bar’s specifically design sharp edge, will cut a groove in the rocks, allowing you to pull them out.

Sizes Available:

Our Square Bars are available in the following sizes – if you do not find the size you require, please contact us, we will custom make any tools that you may require:

For 6mm Rods:

Not available for 6mm Rods

For 8mm Rods:

63mm Diameter

88mm Diameter

139mm Diameter

189mm Diameter

For 10mm Rods:

88mm Diameter

139mm Diameter

189mm Diameter

215mm Diameter