Flexicoil Snake Rod

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    Flexicoil (Snake)

The Flexicoil Snake Rod

is designed to be used to clear blockages in the waste pipes found under your basins, sinks, toilets, baths and showers.

The coiled spring gives you the flexibility needed to go round sharp bends.

To Use:

Flexicoil Snake Spring Rods are joined by screwing the rods in a clockwise direction. The Snake Rods are manufactured with a taper locking system to ensure the rods stay together in the pipe. The only way to unlock the rods is to use the Hook Spanner which is specially manufactured to unwind the rods.

Once in use, the rods should only be rotated in a clockwise direction.

Sizes Available:

Our Flexicoil Snake Spring Rods are only available in 1m lengths