Flexiback Root Auger

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The Flexiback Root Auger

The Flexiback Root Auger is designed to be used when you need to clear roots but you also need flexibility to navigate tight bends.

To Use:

The tool is attached to the end of the rods and inserted into the pipeline. The auger is screwed into the roots and a pumping action is used to cut the roots. Once the roots are cut, they can be pulled back out of the manhole.

Sizes Available:

Our Flexiback Root Augers are available in the following sizes – if you do not find the size you require, please contact us, we will custom make any tools that you may require:

For 6mm Rods:

63mm Diameter

88mm Diameter

For 8mm Rods:

63mm Diameter

88mm Diameter

139mm Diameter

For 10mm Rods:

Not available for 10mm Rods