Tool Kits

The Sabricon Tool Kits as the perfect accessory kits for your Professional Drain Cleaning Kit as well as the Snake Rod Drain Cleaning Kit.

These kits hold additional accessories which are not included in your rod kits.

The Professional Root and Fat Clearing Tool Kit Contains:
2 X Root Augers
1 X Spiral Brush and
1 X Flat Wire Brush

The Professional Hair, Cloth, Sanitary Pad and Plastic Bag Clearing Tool Kit Contains:
3 X Single Worms
2 X Double Worms and
2 X Flexi Worms

The Professional Rock, Sand and Glass Clearing Tool Kit Contains:
2 X Sand Scrapers
1 X Spearhead
1 X Drilling Head and
1 X Rubber Plunger

The Professional Maintenance, Rotation and Retrieval Tool Kit Contains:
1 X Rotating Handle
1 X Recovery Tool
1 X Spin-off Penetrating Oil and
1 X Large Rubber Plunger

The Snake Rod Accessory Kit Contains:
2 X Bulb Augers
1 X Spearhead
1 X Snake Brush and
1 X Drill Adaptor